Privacy policy

Entity responsible for data collection and handling

Data collection and consent

In order to provide the web portal hosted and accessible in and it's services and communications, the user may be asked in certain situations to provide personal information.

Disclosure of personal information from the user to us is only necessary and prompted whenever the user requests a contact, subscribes a service or adquires a product.

This web portal also has in place an analysis tool, "Google Analytics", that collects data automatically. This data is completely annonymous and stored in a way that makes it not possible for us to determine who it belongs to, even if the user has provided personal information through our portal. Some of the data gathered automatically may include: information about your web browser, timestamps of your visits to the website and hiperlinks followed internally.

We won't, in any circustances, perform the following activities with the personal data provided to us by the users of this portal:

Purposes for data collection and handling

The data prompted and collected on this portal will be used only for the following purposes:

Security measures

In order to garantee the security and integrity of user data provided to us, we treat all data as absolutely confidential, all according to our internal policies as well as the terms and conditions legally required.

Exercising your legal rights

According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the user may at any moment exercise their right to access, erasure, limitation or oposition. In order to do so the user may contact our organization through one of the following channels:

We are always at your disposal in case you have any questions regarding our policies through the channels above mentioned.

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